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About Us

“Hello friends, welcome to marketrendynews.in a news site, where we believe staying informed empowers you. Thank you for joining us on a journey of discovery through unbiased, trustworthy journalism.

Meet ME

Kalpesh Delvadiya

News Blogger

My name is “Kalpesh Delvadiya” and who is the owner of this wonderful website, also I have another website named ‘sharemarketwale.com‘ in which I publish all types of blog posts related to the Stock Market.

I am working on the post of operator in the stock market, along with which I am also a small blogger, through which I want to share my knowledge and experience of the stock market with you.

I will share my knowledge and research with you all. For all the top news of the Indian Stock Market in its national language (Hindi) and that too related to only one topic so that we can make you familiar with all the important news happening in the Indian Stock Market.

I will keep sharing with you all the important issues happening in the Indian stock market through news on this website.

If you want to contact me, please go to Contact Us and write your question or suggestion or contact me directly at this E-mail address [[email protected]] so that I can discuss your issues and respond to them immediately. I can provide a solution, thank you very much to all of you.